The Everyday Superhero

Image If I had a dollar for every time someone called me “SuperMom”, I would be rich.  Well, maybe not rich, but I would have enough money to fully fund my unhealthy addiction to McDonald’s Caramel Frappes.

The truth is, I don’t feel like SuperMom. In fact, most days I find it hard enough to get the kids dressed and fed, let alone complete all of the daily things on my to-do list.

Nope, definitely NOT SuperMom. If I really were SuperMom, though, I already know what super powers I would want:

**The ability to go through an entire day without feeling exhausted.
**The ability to sprout extra arms at a moment’s notice (super helpful when trying to carry a crying baby and toddler, plus groceries, in from the car).
**The ability to find the fastest check-out lane at the store.
**The ability to snap my fingers and have a spotless house, Mary Poppins-style.
**The ability to not lose my patience when my child spills her milk, again, for the umpteenth time that week.
**The ability to take a shower daily.
**The ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, anytime, anywhere, like my husband does.

Needless to say, having super powers would be awesome! Then again, it’s easy to think about all of the things we wish we could do when we dwell on all of the things we can’t do, our short-comings and faults sticking out like a sore thumb.

**I usually wake up feeling almost as tired as I did when I went to bed the previous night.
**I have to make many, many trips to and from the vehicle to get kids and groceries unloaded (which is not fun when the temps are well below zero).
**I have the uncanny ability to pick the slowest lines at the store, especially when shopping alone with the kids.
**My house has never been spotless, unless you count when we first moved in last year.
**I lose my patience more times than I care to count (and yes, I do cry over spilled milk).
**I sometimes go a couple of days without showering if we don’t leave the house (and even if we do).
**I lie awake at night, hours on end, replaying the previous day in my mind, over and over again.

SuperMom? Where is she in this messy part of life? Somedays I feel more like my own arch-nemesis.

Days like that make it hard to remember that I do have certain super-parenting skills that, while not as glamorous as, say, the ability to instantly have supper on the table (unless my Crockpot counts as my trusty sidekick), they are just what my family needs.

The ability to calm a crying baby with my gentle touch and soft voice.
The ability to make my child’s day better by making their favorite supper.
The ability to hear an extremely soft noise in the other room.
The ability to love and forgive unconditionally.
The ability to make up silly songs to help turn around someone’s sour attitude.
The ability to teach my children how to crawl, walk, and run.
The ability to care for my sick kiddo through the night.
The ability to multi-task (who else can simultaneously cook, clean, check e-mails, calm a crying baby, and have a telephone conversation??).
The ability to build Lego creations, without instructions. (My son is pretty impressed, at least.)
The ability to nurture and care for each one of these kids entrusted to us by the Maker of everything.
The ability to eternally impact the lives of my kids and those they come in contact with.

Can you relate to anything I listed above?  They may not all be news-making “super-powers” (like this mom who miraculously brought her baby back to life), but that is ok! While we may not have super-human powers, we moms do have many talents and skills that are just exactly what our families need.

The life of the everyday superhero may not be glamorous, and the “enemies” we face on a day-to-day basis don’t threaten to take over the world (unless you’re dealing with a stubborn two-year-old… then, the threat seems very real), but that doesn’t make what we moms do on a daily basis any less important or life-changing. Instead of focusing on all of the things we can’t do, and dwelling on all of the things we wish we could do, why not focus on the things we were created to do?

You’ve got this, Mom!  No cape required. 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Everyday Superhero

  1. Deanne, you have such a great way of saying what’s on many mom’s minds. Very well written and so true!

  2. Wonderful post!! Oh, to have the multiple arms or the snapping fingers of Mary Poppins! We are a super hero to the ones who count though. The ones who rely on us day in and day out. We are their hero and this is what makes us do it all over again each day!

  3. A daily shower? A non-exhaustion day? A spotless house? You do have high hopes! But you know, right now having happy kids takes precedence…soon enough, they’ll be gone to their own worlds and you’ll have daily showers, plenty of rest, and spotless place…then you’ll be waiting for grandchildren…..

  4. “Hearing a very soft sound in the other room”- I believe that one actually comes with a cape. 🙂 Great post! Totally relate. I’m a master builder too, or so my son says.

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