Defining MOMents

defining moment

We all have those opportunities in our lives to make decisions that define who we are.  In parenthood, it seems like those moments happen more frequently than they did before we had children.

To discipline or to not discipline, to react or not to react, to speak or not to speak, to correct or not to correct… The list is endless.  What we choose to do in any given situation defines who we are as people and who we are as parents.  Our kids see how we respond in those situations and learn from us, whether good or bad.

Sometimes we successfully glide through those moments, setting the bar high in our expectations of both our kids and ourselves.

Other times- times that seem to come far too often during the trying stages of childhood- we crash and burn with those moments.

We mess up.  We overreact or underreact in a difficult moment.  We lose our patience and take out our frustration of the moment on those we love the most. We realize that we really do not have it all together all the time.

But those bad moments don’t have to define who we are indefinitely.  There is always the option to change the way we respond.  Our response to the hardships of today do not mean we have to respond the same way to the hardships of tomorrow.  The beauty of being human is that we all mess up and we all have the ability to change for the better.

Be encouraged in knowing that you are equipped with all of the skills and talents needed to raise your kids.  Kids are extremely forgiving, even when we find it hard to forgive ourselves after making a poor parenting decision.  definition for you.

Don’t let the mistakes of today define who you are tomorrow.  Let the moments that define you be the moments in which you grow into a better mom, wife, person, because those are the moments that really matter. ❤


8 thoughts on “Defining MOMents

  1. Well said! I have often overacted in situations and wish I had done things differently. Doesn’t make me a bad mom, just a human one who makes mistakes 🙂

  2. I love this so much! Great advice and so inspirational ❤ Very nice blog you have here. I have liked it on facebook and will share with friends. Keep up the great work!

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