You might have a large family if…

Just a quick, fun post today! 🙂 Enjoy!

You might have a large family if…


Your toothbrushes are color-coded.

You buy a “family size” bag of cereal and it only lasts you one day.

You have enough clothing in your closets to clothe a small nation.

You have to check out two rooms at hotels in order to stay under their per-room capacity limits.

You can’t spend less than $30 when going out to eat, even at McDonalds.

You only go out to eat at certain restaurants on nights when kids eat free.

You use three cans of “family size” condensed soup for one meal.

You realize that your family is too big for most things “family size”.

You have more kids than almost anyone you personally know.

Your kids always have someone to play with.

You debate buying a dairy cow because of how much milk you go through in one month.

You traded in your mini-van for a 15 passenger van, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

You don’t remember the last time you haven’t had a child in diapers.

You buy memberships at museums and zoos instead of a ticket per person because it is cheaper that way.

Your older kids “fight” over who gets to hold the baby next.

You pack more things for an overnight trip than most families pack for a week-long vacation.

You have multiple sets of bunk-beds.

You have a pile of shoes in all colors and sizes by your front door.

You can’t get behind on laundry or you will never catch back up.

You group your kids into two groups: the big kids and the little kids.

Your kids are used to stares, questions and comments by strangers when out in public.

You never have enough lines when filling out forms requiring you to list dependents.

You take advantage of group discount days.

You have been compared to the Duggar family.

You and/or your spouse have/has a difficult time remembering the birthdates of your children. (It’s actually kind of entertaining watching my husband try. 😉 )

Your toyroom looks like a hodge-podge toy store for boys and girls of all ages.

You have to start getting ready to leave an hour before you need to be somewhere 10 miles away.

You can’t imagine life any other way. ❤


10 thoughts on “You might have a large family if…

  1. color coded toothbrushes are a must! However, with three girls and a boy, a girl always gets a green or orange (whatever the unwanted color is) and has to settle until the next round of new ones go around. It can be confusing. You should also add, you pass clothes from one draw to the next. the hand-me-down system and the meltdowns of seeing your sibling in your favorite shirt that is ridiculously too small. LOL Hit the nail on the head!! Great Post!!!

  2. Haha, yes! With 8 boys and 3 girls, we don’t ever need to store “in between” clothes – as soon as one child is done, it fits the next one!

    Here’s another : you might have a large family if making fried eggs for each person is faster than cooking 3 batches of scrambled eggs! 🙂

  3. The one about stares from strangers…my grandparents had 7 kids and tell about how when they would drive places and people would stare (obviously trying to count them in their head) when they stopped at stoplights, the kids would stare back out the window and hold up seven fingers. I always get a kick out of that story. I think your list sounds wonderful. 🙂 I’m not sure what constitutes big, but we’re on our way to having four kids and I can totally relate to the laundry one!

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